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Takeaway from the Bleachers concert

September 20, 2017



If you have heard of post-concert depression, it’s true and very much a thing. Using the word ‘depression’ to describe the feeling may be extreme, but nonetheless the end of a sweet memory leaves a lasting feeling to drive you to continue creating memories just as incredible. This is a feeling that I am currently undergoing through the unforgettable experience of seeing one of my favorite bands in concert, Bleachers, this past Saturday night at my favorite concert venue, Jannus Live, in Downtown St. Petersburg.


Rather than ranting about my experience in dozens of paragraphs. These are 6 takeaways that I had from the overall experience:


1. ALWAYS go to a concert with someone who is full of excitement and positive energy the entire way through.

- Emily, I’m so happy that I was able to experience this concert with you!! It was such a fun-filled evening of amazing food (before and after the concert) and non-stop singing and dancing. :)


2. Jack Antonoff (the lead singer) is one of the happiest and most humbled performers that I have ever seen.

-With every song he performed, his gratitude for all of the fans who helped bring his dream to life poured through. One of the most amazing things to see was the evident passion and love he had for his work and for the people who came to celebrate it.


3. The beauty of art - whether it’s music, photography or painting - is that you can take any experience in life, no matter how good or bad, and express it in your own perspective and then watch it bring people together to celebrate the experiences we all share as humans.


4. Music brings people together.

-I have been to many concerts and I have always experienced nothing but positive energy from the entire audience. Each person in the audience is different from the other, but despite those differences, hundreds - sometimes even thousands - come together to relish in an unforgettable experience.


5. Step away from everyday life to reignite inspiration

-Though I love what I do within my day to day life, a simple two hour concert showed me the importance of stepping away for a second to reflect, refuel and enjoy life. I left the concert on Saturday re-inspired and full of excitement and new ideas for my own work and goals. Had I not have gone and chosen to catch up on work instead, I would not have experienced the inspirational overload that I did on that night.


6. Relentlessly chase your dream with the knowledge that end goal won’t be reached overnight and that the journey demands countless steps to strengthen you and bring you closer to the dream that sets your soul on fire.

-Jack Antonoff’s journey of his humble beginnings, being in the band Fun, to starting Bleachers, reminded me of the importance of ALWAYS keeping your eyes on the prize and knowing the endpoint goal won’t happen overnight but can be eventually be obtained with hard work and patience (a lot of it).


For me, concerts are one of the ways I disconnect and refuel inspiration. I hope you find your escape and always make time for it. It’s just as important as eating and sleeping.


Stay Inspired,


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