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Hi! I'm Chaveli! 

I'm a curly-haired, 20-year-old and Tampa-based photographer who has a deep love for photography, storytelling, coffee, folk music, chipotle, adventuring and my family. While I serve as a full-time photographer, I am also a Junior at the University of South Florida studying Journalism in full pursuit of continuing to be a photographer and story-teller. 

Ever since I was a young girl, my heart would race over storytelling through novels, movies and especially photography. Utilizing photography as a function to capture a story always fascinated me through its ability to not only immortalize a moment -otherwise lost- but its power to convey the truth and beauty of people and the moments that make the human experience worth while. 

My love for people and for capturing the moments that make us feel most alive led me to become a full-time photographer with my own business, Chaveli Photography, in the fall of 2015. Ever since starting my little business, my passion for this art has led me to countless adventures, meeting some of the most amazing people and having the pleasure of capturing their story. I consider each day in this business to be a blessing through being able to pursue a career that has always set my heart on fire. 


Each day, my spirit for adventure, love and life serves as a back bone in everything I do, especially in my pursuit to capture stories that convey some of life's most precious moments.


Let me help capture your story and the moments that make life beautiful. 

- Chaveli 

Photo Credit: @RickeyPKim